Good Samaritan

Luke 10: 25-37

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Godly Play at Home – The Good Samaritan The parable that Jesus told a lawyer, when explaining the most important law, about a traveler getting help from a stranger. A vital message for the current circumstances. Karen Wright can you please share this video on the Southminster page again?

Posted by Madeline Dasch on Sunday, April 26, 2020

Listen to the book “Who is My Neighbor” by Amy Jill Levine and Sandi Sasso

What can you do for your neighbors? How can you be neighborly?

Let’s Build!

Check out the Brick Testament

What can you build??
Can you retell the story?
I wonder if you have helped someone who was hurt?
I wonder if it is hard to do the right thing?
Can you build a scene of someone needing help?

Kindness Activities

After reading the story of the good Samaritan, hopefully you have started to think about how important it is to be a good neighbor and to be kind.  Here are some ideas to help you further explore kindness! 

One Day, Music Video

Watch the video “One Day” to see how kindness can spread.
What acts of kindness do you see?  How does kindness spread from one person to another?

Skittles Game

Grab a bag of Skittles of just a handful of items in the Skittle colors.  Take turns pulling a Skittle out of a bag and then answer the question that matches that color.  Take turns with your family sharing- be sure to share those Skittles too!  Have fun sharing and brainstorming how to show kindness.

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Kindness Rocks

Find materials to paint a special message on a rock.  Leave this rock at a neighbors, in a park, in front of your house where others might see it, or look up an address of a church member who might live close to you and make a delivery.  Paint/Write a statement about kindness on your rock and see how your message might spread.  Check out some examples below or come up with your own.

*No rocks, no problem, feel free to use some sidewalk chalk to spread your message of kindness.

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