Genesis chapters 6-9
Growing in God’s Word page 24

Namah – Noah’s Wife

Namah – Noah’s Wife by Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso. This delightful children’s tale is based on an imaginative elaboration of the biblical text contained in the ancient Midrash Genesis Rabbah, which states that Noah’s wife was named Naamah “because her deeds were neimim, Hebrew for “pleasing.” The book focuses on what Naamah did during and after the famous biblical flood.  

Words to Think about
Covenant – A promise between God and his people.

Genesis – The first book in the Bible. The first book in the Old Testament.

Old Testament – A library of books that happen before the birth of Jesus

From the Brick Testament

Building Brick by Brick
-I wonder how God felt to see creation be so mean to each other?
– I wonder what the voice of God sounded like to Noah?
– I wonder if you would do something hard if God asked you to?
– I wonder what it would be like to be in a big boat with all those animals?

Can you build
– a rainbow
– a boat
– animals
– the flooded world


Recommended for Preschool through Grade 2

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