Staycation VBS – Week of June 21

Week of June 21 – God Listens to Us
Hannah prays to God for a Child
Trust – 1 Samuel 2

Arts and Crafts

FAMILY PRAYER JAR – Hannah diligently prays to God in the Temple for a son and promises to dedicate her son to God’s service. 

You will have a Family Prayer Jar to decorate with self-adhesive stickers.  You will also have round circles to either write on or draw pictures of prayer ideas (could be prayers for love, family, sick people, church, friends, pets, and more).  Using a black sharpie, write a word or draw a picture on the circle and place them in your prayer jar.  You can place the jar on your table where you have your meals, and draw out a circle at mealtime to remind you of prayers you can make. 

SUPPLIES:   You are provided craft kit ingredients from Oriental Trading (lidded jar, self-adhesive stickers, small circles to write prayer ideas), plus a black sharpie pen for writing.



  1. Hannah takes her biggest fears and worries to God in prayer. What are the biggest worries you have prayed about?
  2. Hannah trusted God and waited on God’s timing. How can we do that too?

Create a prayer labyrinth. The video uses tape, but you could do the same pattern with chalk or string. Walking a labyrinth is done slowly.–pGSEbPY (some explanation an ideas)


Germ Science

Background: How many times have you heard someone say, “Make sure to wash your hands”?  Even if our hands look clean, there is a whole world of bacteria and germs on our hands that we can’t see.  But what if we could see it?


  • Glo Germ lotion (provided in bucket)
  • Black light keychain (provided in bucket)
  • Soap
  • Sink to wash hands


  1. Place one to two drops of glo germ lotion on your hands.
  2. Rub your hands together.  Be sure to get the backs and palms of your hands as well as fingernails.
  3. Turn on the black light and put hands under the light to see the simulated germs. Wow!
  4. Wash your hands as you normally would.
  5. Put your hands back under the black light.  Did you wash off all of the germs?
  6. Keep washing until you can remove all of the germs!
  7. Optional: Put the glo germ lotion on your hands and touch objects around the room…books, door handles, the tv remote, etc. Use the black light to track the spread of germs from your hands to the things you touched.


Much like bacteria and germs, we can’t always see God.  How do you know that God is there and listening to you?  

What do you do every day to  make sure God can hear you?

Soda Can Jump

Background: Air pressure is an invisible force that causes amazing things to happen all around us.  Air pressure is the reason planes can fly, tires on cars to stay inflated, and for weather patterns like thunderstorms. Let’s see it in action!


  • Empty soda can
  • 2 coffee mugs


  1. Place one mug in front of the other.
  2. Place the empty soda can in the mug closest to you.
  3. Blow air between the soda can and mug on the side furthest from the empty mug to make it “jump” into the empty mug.  Adjust the distances between the mugs if necessary. 


Air pressure is an invisible force that causes amazing things all around us, much like God.  How do you know that God is there and listening to you?

What/who does God send to help you?


Encourage prayer by adding tied ribbons to the church playground fence (north side), with prayers written on the ribbon we have provided.  Use the black sharpie to add a name or specific idea that needs our prayers (hungry people, those who are sick, school children missing school, etc.)  You will see the fence cup sign “GOD LISTENS.” 

Supplies – We have provided 12” lengths of wide ribbon and the black sharpie you received for your earlier prayer jar project. 


Praying Hands – Use handprint cookie cutter to cut two pieces of your favorite bread into handprints.  Sandwich the bread together with something spreadable (peanut butter, jelly, nutella, cheesespread), and then clasp the two hands together.  We are including the special handprint cookie cutter as our gift to you, but you will need to select your own bread and spreadable.  Hold your clasped handprint sandwich and say a prayer of thanks. 

Video and Movie

Facing the Giants – A losing coach with an underdog football team faces their giants of fear and failure on and off the field to surprising results.

Despicable Me – prayer to be adopted

Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) – on Disney +

Bruce Almighty