Staycation VBS – Week of June 28

Week of June 28 – God Changes Us
Stories of Transformation and Change
Mark 16: 1-8; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Romans 12:1-2
Acts 9: 1-19

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Art and Crafts

WATER COLOR TRANSFORMATIONS:  In our Bible stories, we learned Jesus was changed after the resurrection when he appeared to the women.  In Romans, we know Paul changed from a person who hated the followers of Jesus, to a person who preached to the followers of Jesus and those who might be called and lives changed to follow Jesus.  Paul made a huge transformation or change in his life.  Work outside on a washable table, perhaps on top of paper towels or newsprint, or on a tray inside.  You will be experimenting with large coffee filters and water color paints to make a painting TRANSFORM or change in front of your eyes!  Use water color paints, a paint brush, and a container of water to rinse brush when you change colors.  Paint a design on your filter and when you are happy with the design, add a little plain water with your brush to make the colors blurr and transform your design, blending colors into new colors.  Wow!

SUPPLIES:  You are provided large commercial coffee filters, a watercolor tray of paints, and brushes that were provided in week 1.  You will need something to place under your filter for table or surface protection and also drying, and a container of water.


Can you transform? Think about butterflies that go from being a caterpillar to being a butterfly. How could you act that out?

  1. What does it mean to transform or to change?
  2. Is it easy to change? Why or why not?
  3. What are the ways we change? What kids of things do we need to do?

As we journey through the wilderness, we remember Moses and the Israelites wandering for 40 years.  We also know from other wilderness stories that in the wilderness, the people learned to trust God and to keep going.

Do you think the people were worried as they followed Moses?  Trusting God for manna, quail and water.  The widow was worried about not having enough flour and oil.  Hannah trusted God in prayer and transformation happened for all those in our stories.

 In the wilderness, we can experience stress and anxiety.  It can be hard to not know what will happen.  One way we can help our bodies is to move.  Moving can help us relax.  God gave us bodies to move.

Cosmic Yoga – These are great even for younger kids!!Dealing with stress and anxiety –

Mindfulness exercises –

Trust Walk – leaning together


Week Four: God Changes US

Jumping Rainbows

Background: Transformation happens in lots of different ways, but when something is transformed it changes from one thing into something new.  Maybe a new way of thinking about something or a new way of living out God’s call on our lives.


  • 2 paper towels
  • Three small cups or Tupperware bowls 
  • Water
  • Measuring cup
  • Food coloring – red, yellow and blue


  1. Fill each cup or bowl with 2 oz of water.
  2. In one cup add 4 drops of blue.
  3. In one cup add 4 drops of yellow.
  4. In one cup add 4 drops of red.
  5. Roll up each paper towel.
  6. Put one paper towel from the blue into the yellow cup.
  7. Put one paper towel from the yellow cup to the red cup.
  8. Watch what happens….

The video below is a different take on the above experiment!  Try it out!


How is each color transformed?

How can/has God transformed you?

Exploding Toothpaste

Background: What happens in this experiment might surprise you.  Adults perform the experiment and kids watch.  Keep your eyes on the bottle because you are about to see a huge transformation!  


  • 1 liter plastic bottle
  • Metal pan or large pan
  • Hydrogen peroxide (12% or 40-volume in liquid form)
  • Dish soap
  • Food coloring
  • Package of dry yeast
  • Very warm water
  • Small cup
  • Measuring spoons
  • Spoon for stirring
  • Funnel
  • Gloves


  1. Use a funnel to add 4 oz. (120ml) of hydrogen peroxide to the 1 liter bottle.
  2. Place the bottle into a large pan. 
  3. Add a squirt of dish soap and some food coloring to the hydrogen peroxide in the bottle.  Give the solution a quick swirl to mix the contents.
  4. The next step is to prepare a kid-friendly catalyst for the reaction by mixing the entire package of dry yeast with 4 tablespoons of very warm water in a small cup.  Stir mixture with a spoon.  If the mixture is too thick or paste-like, add a small amount of warm water to thin it out.
  5. Pour the yeast mixture into the bottle and watch what  happens.  It may take a few seconds to react, but the end result is well worth the wait!


What has God done that has surprised you during this time of quarantine? 

How has the world transformed over the last few months?  How has Kansas City transformed?  How has your family transformed?


Week 4 – Transform your driveway or sidewalk – (hearts, helping hands, smiles), and words of encouragement like “Love Changes Things,” “Smiles Change Things,” “Reach Out a Helping Hand,” “Take Care,” “Be Strong and Safe,” etc.   

Supplies – You will find a brown bag with some sidewalk chalk.


Week 4 – Hot dog transformed – Take a hot dog and have a parent cut it into 6-8 long pieces by cutting the hot dog in half lengthwise and then those long halves into (thirds or fourths) strips (lengthwise).  Place the pieces into a skillet and heat – watch them curl and transform into funny “worms.”  Now eat them!  (Hee hee)  We are not including the hot dogs as you may have a favorite?  Pray for those in our community who are hungry.

Hot Dog Worms
Video and Movies

Frozen 2 – Olaf talks about transformation as they enter the enchanted forest
Beauty and the Beast – love transforms the Beast
Onward – the Brother’s relationship changes