Southminster Presbyterian Church Narrative Budget

Our budget is more than how we pay to keep the lights on in the building; it is how we help to shine the light of Christ into the greater world. This narrative budget not only tells about our life together as a community, it celebrates accomplishments and points toward future goals.

Worship is the center of  our life together as the people of God. In our worship we pray, sing, and hear the Word of of God read and proclaimed. We are blessed, and our worship is enhanced, by our chancel choir, bell choir, children’s choir, and youth        choir.  Going forward, we want to provide support for our new   choir director in the form of new music and the occasional      utilization of outside musicians. The worship budget also           supports the maintenance and repair for our Casavant organ, various pianos, and support for the visual arts in worship. A      large portion of our staff resources are dedicated to planning  and leading worship each week.
Southminster Church seeks to share the Good News through    our outreach to the community and the world.  We participate    in our larger, connectional church through a generous undesignated pledge to the mission work of the PC(USA).  At a  local level we focus on hunger and homelessness, children and youth at risk, and health and wellness through our financial support and work with a variety of community agencies.  Our global mission focuses on our support of mission co-workers in Mexico and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  We are planning our first follow-up visit with our Living Waters for the World partners in Cardenas, Mexico to continue to support the water purification system we installed last year. 
Evangelism allows us to reach out to the community around   us and invite them into the work that God is doing in and         through Southminster. We communicate through banners      and signs on the grounds, through the Shawnee Mission Post, as well as through our website and social media presence. This past year saw the introduction of the Church On app; this         coming year we are working toward a totally revamped web     presence, with the funding necessary to keep it up-to-date. We follow up with visitors to our worship services and other events, and offer a pathway to membership. Evangelism is also         about how we all engage in furthering the spreading of the      Gospel to the world. 
As followers of Christ, we are all called to participate in               Christian Formation. Our Christian Education committee oversees educational opportunities for all ages. While adult classes  study the Bible and look at the intersection of life and faith, our children and youth gather to sing and learn theological                language together before engaging in a variety of stories from   the Bible and looking for God on the move through the Bible     and through life. We hope to up-grade the technology available in our classrooms with Wi-Fi and audio-visual equipment. Our   intergenerational programs, especially the summer movies,     continue to be popular. Upper elementary students continue to gather twice a month for Club 456 and our youth in grades 7-12 gather on Sunday evenings as they seek to walk this road of       faith together and alongside caring adults. Students also can   take advantage of scholarships to attend Heartland Summer   camp, as well as the Youth Triennium in the years it is held.
Being part of a faith community means having the opportunity to care for one another through times of need or change in our lives. Alongside the care offered by our pastors, many members of the congregation care for our membership. The Family Life committee is engaged in ministry to express care and concern as well as practical support for those in times of need.


The Southminster Presbyterian Church Endowment

The Southminster Presbyterian Church Endowment is an important part of our funding for mission. The Endowment allows us to take advantage of ministry and mission opportunities that are not included in our regular budget. Some of the components of our Endowment are designated—Music, Mission, Christian Education, and Church Facilities. The largest component of the Endowment is the General Endowment which does not have a specific designation, giving flexibility to finance special opportunities in mission that may arise. Thanks to the prudent oversight of our Endowment Committee, the Endowment Fund continues to grow.

The Southminster Legacy Society has been established to honor the act of giving to God and assuring the future of our ministry to people in Christ’s name. It provides an opportunity to commend and graciously thank those who have made a financial commitment in their estate plan for our church. Several members have since joined the Legacy Society and have participated in both educational and social opportunities as a result. Anyone can become a member of the Legacy Society by notifying Southminster that you have included the church in your will or estate plan.