On the road after 8 am worship with FPC Ft Worth.  
Another long day on the road headed toward McAllen, TX.

McAllen is a city of about 150,000 people and is in the Rio Grande Valley.
It sits less than 20 miles from the Mexico border.  

When we get to FPC McAllen we will settle in and get dinner and orient ourselves to the week.
We also get to meet some of my friends.





The two women in the picture on the right are my friends.  Lita (on the left) has
led youth work in Mission Presbytery for many years.  I have learned a lot from Lita!
The woman on the right of the picture is Rev. Kathy Escandel.  A friend of mine
from seminary.  I was excited to find out she was the pastor at FPC McAllen.
I am sad that I will not see them or to introduce you all to them.  🙁

Work starts tomorrow.

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