For the next three days we are up early for breakfast and making lunches and then it is off to work.  

Catholic Charities Respite Center

The Humanitarian Crisis Relief was an effort which began last summer due to the influx of immigrants crossing the border who didn’t have an adequate place to rest. Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley (CCRGV) with the help of the Sacred Heart Church, the City of McAllen, as well as volunteers and donations, opened its doors to the Respite center, located at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, in McAllen, Texas. The center provides a place for the countless men, women, children, and infant refugees to rest, have a warm meal, a shower, and change into clean clothing as well as receive medicine and other supplies, before continuing onto their journey. As of August 2015, we have assisted over 23,000 individuals.


Here are photos of a group (people I know and how I connected with Catholic Charities) who went in 2019.

Westminster Presbyterian, Austin, TX

This is not the only entity that is doing work on the border.  There are countless groups that are doing similar kinds of work.  

I invite you to look at the journey of Yonathan and his brother.  Yonathan and I spoke over the phone about the work he is doing in the region.  He has stories about his journey along the border.

Further down the border in Douglas, Arizona is Frontera de Christo.  The Presbyterian Church USA and Southminster have relationships and support the ministry they are doing.  

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