Word Wall

Theology – Words about God.

The church has developed its own language over the past 2000 years to find ways to talk about God.  God is bigger than we are an unknowable, however we keep working to use the limited language we have to describe God.  From the Bible, our traditions, our experience and ability to reason, we all have things we can say about God (analogical language).

Theology is made up of two Greek words.  Theos = God; Logos = word
Theology is words about God or language about God or the study of God.

The words below have been a part of our Sunday school word wall each week.  We are seeking to help children learn the language of the church to help them talk about God.

Atonement – at-one-ment.  Jesus’ death on the cross makes us at one with God. 

Baptism – one of the 2 sacraments.  We use water to welcome a believer into the family of God.  It is a death to a life enslaved by sin and resurrection to a new life in Christ

Christology – study of Christ.  Who was/is Jesus and what has he done for us.

Communion –  Also known as the Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist.  It is one of 2 sacraments.  We eat bread and drink of the cup, remembering Jesus’ last supper with his disciples.

Creation ex nihilo – God created the world from nothing

Doxology – words of praise or glory

Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda – the church reformed and always reforming

Election – being chosen by God

Faith –  trust in God

Gospel – The Good News

Grace – God forgives us whether we deserve it or not

Holy SpiritHebrew ruah/Greek pnuema the third person of the Trinity.  The Holy Spirit inspires us and works in and through us to bring about the work of God.

Imago dei –  image of God. 

Incarnation – Jesus became human. 

Justification – God declares us free from sin because we believe

Koinonia – community, relationships with others, particularly church community

Liturgical year – the way the church tells the story of God through the circle of the year

Liturgy – the work of the people

Manna – “what is it” referring to the food that was provided by God to the people of Israel in the wilderness

Nativity  – Latin for Birth – church term for the birth of Jesus.

Omnipotence – all powerful, God’s power is limited only by God

Offering – to carry up.  Bringing something to God.

Providence – God’s continuing action and plans for the world

Protestant – churches that follow the traditions from the 16th century 

QGerman quellesource.  The name given to an unknown collection of Jesus stories thought to be used by the writers of the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke.

Revelation – (latin revelation – an uncovering) an act of self-disclosure and self-communication.

Sacrament – An outward sign of an inward grace.  Baptism and Communion

Salvation – Saved from sin and given eternal life by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

Sanctification – God’s continuing work in Christian believers so they grow in grace and holiness of life marked by good works. 

Sin –missing the mark, straying from God

Sovereignty – God is in control

Theology  – words about God

Trinity –  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three Persons in one Godhead.  3 in 1 and 1 in 3

Unconditional Election – God saves people because God wants to. Associated with Augustine and Calvin

Vocation –  God’s calling to live a life of service and devotion

WordGreek – logos A name for Jesus. Also a way to refer to the Bible and its preaching.

Yahweh – vocalization of a name for God. 

Zealot – someone who is enthusiastic and determined for a cause


**Note: this is by no means an exhaustive list.  This is a sampling of words that covers many aspects of theology and relate to some important concepts.

For Further Reading:

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